Delarosa & Asora
We are back again!!! This week's show features new tracks from Rob Clouth, Lorn, Little Snake and always more! So let's do this together again, glitch//idm!
Here we go! This week we are featuring new tracks from Jon Hopkins, Valance Drakes, Zandersauti and always more! So keep it locked-in and ready, this is the glitch//idm show!!!
Glitch happy IDM weirdness featuring new tunes from Tycho, Crypto Tropic, Logan Takahashi and much more. Embrace the strange and enjoy the electronic moments.
Happy Summer y'all! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, getting in some bbq, some fireworks, some old time friend action... Well the show this week hopes to continue that vibe, but less celebratory and more chillabratory.
YEAH! Awesome show this week. I promise. I wasn't sure which direction to take this one on, so it bounces around a bit. But I think you'll be with us! ok, let's goooooooooo: Glitch/IDM )*ed*(
On Glitch/DM this week we go back and remember the nerdy electronic tunes of yore. The meticulous melodies and broken beats will fill your ears and your soul with all kinds of good stuff!