DJ Wynn shares his favorite singles from 2014 with cuts from Hudson Mohawke, Lia Ices, Deerhoof, The Antlers, Naomi Shelton, and Zeus.
The best of the best on BTR!
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
The Thursday Mix. 12/18/2014. The Best of 2014 Part 2.
The Tuesday Mix on BTR with DJ Emily!
The best of the best on BTR!
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
This week on God Bless Weirdmerica we’re dusting off some really great tracks, from the likes of Angel Olsen, Damaged Bug, and Tickley Feather.  In this season of near-constant commercialism, take a second to sit back and relax and get a little weird.  Plus, tune in next week for our Christmas Eve Weirdmerica special.  And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and SoundCloud!
This week, it really is genuinely the last week of Deerhoof's "La Isla Bonita" as Album Of The Month (or is it...?), and we have some more classic Robert Wyatt. Also, a bunch of other great tracks from the likes of Timo Ellis, Spires, and other nice people.
90-minutes of music for you this Tuesday on BTR!
The best of the best on BTR!
There’s always bound to be a little bit of a holiday come down after all that Thanksgiving food, especially when we start to realize that Christmas and Hanukkah are so close at hand. Regardless, we have to press on with our eating adventures. Hanabi went out and tried Porkchop & Co. in the Ballard district in Seattle. He didn’t have the Porkchop, if you can believe that. He had some awesome grits though. I was in Carmel over the weekend, and I headed towards one of my all-time film favorites, Clint Eastwood’s former restaurant called The Hog’s Breath Inn to see if any of those old 1980’s vibes still remained. Also, I give you a simple, no-nonsense way to use up any Thanksgiving leftovers that you should really get rid of, and which will work for post Christmas leftovers brilliantly. A dense but fun episode for all.
The Thursday Mix. All Female musicians today! December 04, 2014.
This week, it's the last week of Deerhoof's "La Isla Bonita" as Album Of The Month (or is it...?), and we have some classic Robert Wyatt tracks from his days in Soft Machine & Matching Mole. Also, a bunch of other great tracks from the likes of The Love Me Nots and Ty Segall (& His Erotic Beagle?).
We've got some great songs queued up for you on this week's BLACK FRIDAY special episode. Tune in!
This week, our heros (debateable..) are joined again by guest co-host Fiona. She's Scotch. Deerhoof's "La Isla Bonita" is still our Album Of The Month, and we have other new tracks from all sorts of people, from all (some..) walks of life.
DJ Wynn has crafted an electronic set to get you energized to put on three layers of clothing to step outside. Featuring music from Hudson Mohawke, Tomas Barfod, Rustie, Danny Brown, and Caribou.
We review the new HBO documentary 'Banksy Does New York' and interview the Basil Tsiokos, the director of DOC NYC
The Thursday Mix. 11/20/2014.
This week, our lads have a guest co-host. Well, a few of them, but they end up settling on one. Will he/she dig the songs that they play in this week's show? The answer is; maybe. We continue featuring Deerhoof's "La Isla Bonita" as our Album Of The Month, and play a hoard of other new stuff.
90-minutes of tunes for you this Tuesday!
The best of the best on BTR!
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
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Oh my God! I love the Rock Show! It rocks so hard... How do they do it?
It's Obstacle Week on BTR! On today's show, we're talking with one of the 400 brave souls who jump out of airplanes to fight fires. Plus, the historic 2014 midterm election results that the mainstream media didn't think you needed to know.
It’s a banner day here on God Bless Weirdmerica. New Panda Bear. New Deerhoof. New Mark McGuire. AND brand new up and coming artists as well, like Elisa Amborgio. It’s definitely a good one today, and you’ll want to stay tuned for the whole weird hour. Plus, don’t forget to check out BTR on all our social media sites, especially tumblr, where we have a ton of cool new content for you to check out all day long!
This week, another unexpected and surreal phonecall from Johnson. Our new Album Of The Month is from Deerhoof, and we feature some tracks from the Album For October project. Plus the usual hi & lo jinks from our intrepid hosts. We's 100% raring to go! Am you?
DJ Wynn is pouring double shots of new music from Deerhoof, Son Little, Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Dope Body, and The Rosebuds.
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
This week, The Hash covers superheroine films, Gamergate, and prenups.
We have a lot of heavy hitters on the show today!!  Brand new tracks from Panda Bear, Deerhoof, or Mark McGuire on their own would be enough to rejoice about, but all three together?  Well in that case, you KNOW we’re having a lot of fun on the show today.  But we haven’t forgotten about up-and-comers either.  Check out a brand new track from very cool artist Elisa Ambrogio!  And of course, don’t forget to follow BTR on tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud.
Some rock music, some non-rock music, but whaddya expect?? It's The Rock Show on BTR!
The Thursday Mix. November 6, 2014.
Sometimes it’s best to stay home and sous vide a pork tenderloin, to perfection. We’ll tell you how. Also, check out what breakfast looks like around the world (Note: English and Irish breakfast, with a side of blueberry pancakes wins). Also, you should make simple syrup, not just because it’s simple.
It's time for a BBQ on BTR's Roadside Assistance, presented by United Airlines! Listen as 8 different BTR DJs present 8 different interpretations on what kind of soundtrack goes best with grilling food outside. Take it with ye wherever ye are bound!
Today on God Bless Weirdmerica we're going dark and we're going psychedelic! So get ready for everything from the likes of O'Death to Of Montreal. And while you're at it, don't forget to check out BTR Found Sound on SoudnCloud, plus all of the other great programming we have for you on BTR today!!