Today’s show includes music from Sera Cahoone, Deer Tick, David Grubbs, and more!
It’s a 90-minute Tuesday mix for your Tuesday. This mix comes complete with music from Gems, of Montreal, and Jollie Holland.
The Thursday Show for October 29 brings you brand new music by Joanna Newsom. She released her fourth studio album, Divers, last Friday. I’ll also play a track off of Son Little’s latest, self-titled full length, plus a lot more to get you going on your Thursday!
Get ready for 90-minutes of great tunes on BTR this Tuesday!
Get ready for some alt-country tunes on BTR this Sunday!
Get ready for a fantastic 90-minute set with your host, DJ Emily!
Today’s show features from Folk Wave firsts! Music from Loch Lomond, Voice on Tape, The Sleeping Years, and many more!
90-minutes of tunes for your Tuesday. Enjoy it all alongside DJ Emily.
Enjoy an hour of alt-country tunes today. DJ Emily’s got a great set lined up this Sunday on BTR!
Happy Independence Day! It’s definitely not a bad one- health care is official, gay marriage is official, and it’s time to celebrate! We’ve got an Americana-focused show today, with a Woody Guthrie shoutout and even some gospel. I hope everyone enjoys this America-themed playlist at their outdoor BBQ, right beneath the best fireworks display you’ve ever seen!
The Thursday Mix. March 26, 2015.
Get ready for an hour of fantastic alt-country tunes on BTR!
90 minutes of tunes for your Tuesday!
Your Sunday isn’t complete without some Alt-Country tunes on BTR!
The Thursday Mix. January 15, 2015.