We've got another weird one today, and that's a very good thing, seeing as this is God Bless Weirdmerica, BTR's weirdest show! That's not official, but I feel confident that it's true. There are great new bands on the show today, like Pure Bathing Culture and Lace Curtain. And old faces like Death Vessel and Gauntlet Hair. Make sure to check out BTR on Facebook and Twitter, too!
We decided to pursue our individual dreams for this one. We totally crushed it at dream making! My dream was to be able to cook using the sous vide technique at home, without laying out a cool grand for an immersion circulator. If I’m speaking mumbo jumbo right now, check this out! Anyway I ended up buying a $160 solution, and wanted to test it out using an unforgiving ingredient, fish. I used a nice 1 pound cut of Patagonian Toothfish, which is what Chilean Sea Bass actually is, and I sealed it in my vacuum seal bag with some herbs, olive oil, salt and pepper and dropped it in its’ water bath at 127 degrees. If you’re still wondering about sous vide cooking, part of it’s big draw is that you can never over cook something since it’s sitting water that will never exceed the desired temperature. It’s kind of weird at first to accept the fact that you can cook something in tepid water. But I accepted this long ago, and that’s why my fish turned out awesome!