Dave Monolith
Oh yessssssssssss! Welcome back to another badass week and another badass show... Ok so on this one we're going to get into the weird and crunchy/ Bus still keep it on that happy/goofy tip! Other than that, just life, things, and stuff man.,., here we go! glitch/idm. ^^^ed^^^
Pretty awesome this week! I'm coming off a weird night of headaches and no sleep, so this show is kind of strange... But you may not even notice the difference! So let's doooooo it. glitch.idm -+-ed-+-
Super Old-School IDM this week! You know, every once in a while you just need to break out the pretty melodies and cruncy beats... So here we go, an hour of power and love, just for you/// glitch.idm -.._+ed+_..-
I'm feeling really good about the show this week... We got some upbeat tunes, a little mental floss, and a ton of squelchy bass; all the stuff you love, and me! So come along for this mini-journey into the mind, on[] The Glitch/IDM SHOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! **ed*&