We are channeling the wisdom of the mountains this week! On this show we're bringing a mixture of hard and vast, of awareness and simplicity, of oneness and connection... So find a comfortable place to chill for a bit cause, we got you/// glitch.idm @@ed@@
Feel that thick, moist, hot summer air... The show this week is for all the melted tubes of chapstick in your car, it's for the fogged up glasses and mystical lightning bugs in jars. So go find a hammock and a cool drink. This is the Glitch/IDM shoooowwwoowwowowo.-_ *&&*ed*&&*
Yeeeeeahhhh! I think you're going to dig the show this week. We have a fairly eclectic mix of weird, fun, and wall-rattling beats. So get into it's the Glitch/Idm show (--) }{ed}{
Springgggggg! Let it ring. This week on the show we have huge and bouncey synths mixed with your favorite blend of crunchy and off the wall beats. So gather'round, and get down. this is the Glitch/IDM show!!! /// }+ed+{
I'm feeling really good about the show this week... We got some upbeat tunes, a little mental floss, and a ton of squelchy bass; all the stuff you love, and me! So come along for this mini-journey into the mind, on[] The Glitch/IDM SHOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! **ed*&