Groovin' so deep this week! Ok, so last week we took it easy and brought you some nice cool Fall easy-time tunes. This week we are gonna be on a similar level, but kicked up just one more notch, so I think you'll really dig it. Alright, here we go everbody!!!
Totally Rad Show Today! So to celebrate my return from the darkness, we have put together a nice, happy, synthy hour of power for you... I think you'll dig this one. here we go!!! Glitch/DM -ed-
Oh boy... This week we are diving, head first, into some new stuff! All that summer time love we get from our favorite artists is coming around, and we are here to gather it up and project it out onto the world! So put on your thinking caps, it's the Glitch/DM show!!! -ed-
Big Week! Big Week! Ok, so today we are dropping some new stuff from some of your favorite nerdy IDM dudes. The overall tone is pretty nice for an intro to summer, it may be a little rainy still, but overall it's getting nice out// So let's get to it, and feel the warmth. Glitch/DM -ed-
Awwwww yeah! This week we're getting it on. Nothing fancy, just some good ole IDM music to spruce up your day. So let's do this... -ed-