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Get ready for extreme weirdness this week!!! We feature new tracks from, Siriusmo, Shit and Shine, Valance Drakes and always more!!! This is the glitch//idm show!
We're on one today boy! On this episode of the show the conversation goes down, down to the inner core of reality, and life, and happiness... In addition to that, I found some SICK tunes for y'all to get weird with! so come along, and let's do this: glitch/idm ~|ed|~/
Got on a roll this week! Have you ever had moments of clarity where your path is completely illuminated? The track selection on this one is pretty ridiculous! So enjoy/// glitch.idm 00ooedoo00
Cool, Cool, Coolio... Alright so this week on the show we're going into some Falltime fun! Breakin' out some 80's inspired synthy, 8 bit stuff and some big heavy jams that I'm sure y'all will dig. So let's get into/// ==Glitch/IDM==
Awesomeness is going to happen this week! I feel really good about this show; it wasn't super planned out beforehand, and the tracks are kind of all-over-the-place... but it works somehow? So get into the glitch! one love. -ed-
Icy Cold show for your icy cold world this week! A couple of weeks ago we did an all analog show, so this week we are going digital. Think crackle, crunch, white noise, and all around weirdness. Channel your inner robot and enjoy./// -ed-