DJ Hanabi is going places this year. Stops planned include Sweden and South Africa. We also discussed a crazy pop-up restaurant project in Copenhagen called Spisehuset Rub & Stub where they’re trying to cut down on food waste by serving less than perfect food that otherwise wouldn’t make it to a market shelf. We also get into Chop Bars in Ghana for good measure. Don’t forget to check out Dish + Drink with Insane Dane!
It took us two shows to chronicle Hanabi’s trip to Mexico. So, settle in for some good old fashioned tales of continuing adventure in the land down under, Texas.
Sunday's with DJ Drew on BTR
This week Hanabi has a monster review of Ichi Sushi. Needless to say, you need to eat there. Also we will hear about his newfound success in making Tempura. We will also hear about some food trucks who have also found success in their culinary endeavors.
Hanabi and Insane Dane managed to have killer weekends, from attempts at romance in Monterey to Cambodiatown in Long Beach to decent sushi in New Jersey, we had quite the weekend.
Most New Years resolutions revolve around getting in shape and doing it right. Ok, I started that way back in 2013, so this year’s resolutions will be focused on enhancing existing vices, and of course expanding our culinary intake. Insane Dane has wasted no time in resolution making for 2014. He’s on a quest for the perfect Bloody Mary and to that I say good work. Meanwhile I’m working up a thirst for my upcoming trip to Switzerland, Austria and Germany. As a beer guy, I figure this a prime opportunity to get more into German beers than I have admittedly been. Sorry Belgium, I’m cheating on you with a Dunkel! Also, I want to learn to cook Ethiopian and Eritrean food like a pro. Injera we trust! Last but not least, DJ Hanabi wants to make some bomb ass tempura.