Did the world end? Well, we survived another one. So in honor of that, and of the happy holiday festivities being felt around the world, this weeks Glitch/DM show brings you peace, harmony and warmth to your ears. So let's get all glitched up and break out the eggnog...
Mondayyyyy! If you are anything like me, Mondays are nothing special and really just like any other day; except for the fact that they are simultaniously better than every other day because of the Glitch/DM show! That being stated, I do want to point out that the show this week is extra amazing and should probably be listened to somewhere that has actual speakers. But if you are just jamming out on your lappy or if you're jogging and have your phone crankin' some hits, that is fine too. As long as you can get down... let's do this!
Welcome back homies! The show this week is a dreamy, swirly hour of IDM goodness. Big heavy melodies are abound and Acid basslines are innevitable. So strap into your spaceshuttle and throw on NOVA specials from the 80s. This is the Glitch/DM show!!!