Daniel Johnston
It’s wedding fever on Garbage Garage today, with wedding-themed tracks from Dirty Projectors, Sam Amidon, and Oxford Collapse…
Watch for Falling Rock... Oh wait, nevermind dudes, this is OVERNIGHT SENSATION! I should be saying, "Watch for Falling Stars!"
OOOOH I am soooo STEAMED about being left out of Throwback Thursday! Every damn time! So I have taken it upon myself to initiate my very own TIME WARP WEDNESDAY set! Enjoy....
Last month, the Philadelphia Museum of Art opened a new exhibition called Great and Mighty Things. The show features the work of twenty seven self-taught or "outsider" artists from the private collection of Philadelphia collectors Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz. In the show are drawings, paintings, sculptures, and even a piece intended to channel the Earth's electromagnetic energy for healing purposes.
OK, here's 66 minutes of your life that you'll never get back... I'm so sorry... I can't stop crying.
G Green is coming to NYC and I couldn't be more excited! Hope you are too...