D.OZi ft. DAddy Yankee
Hola!! Yes, yes! Another friday just like that. What up? Ready to get your early pre-party on? Well start with us. As we rocking and rocking you with some nice latin joints. It never ends with the dope spins my friend. I'm on the mix so you know it's on!! Let's go and get this friday popping!
Hey,hey, hey!! It's Bazarro in (fat albert) voice, lol. It's Friday and we doing this mix via-satellite from Atlanta, GA because I'm at the A3C festival for five fun days. I've been here since Weds morn! Let me tell you, it's been incredible. It gets more crazy because the weekend starts today and more people are coming in. So while you might be missing out physically, mentally i can take you on a latin trip to keep you involved. Check out video of the week by Eloy below. Farruko constantly shelling out joints and in your town of Providence, R.I. this weekend Let's go!! Breakthruradio!!!!
IT's Friday once again & check it! Los Rakas drops a new joint called "Dem Rakas", plus they got the making of the song on video. So we made it, video of the week. Check the link below. It shows how every artists have their own style of recording. In the house, studio, on the porch (lol), bathroom or even in the car. As long as it sounds good there are no rules to recording. I remember a long time ago me and my partner recorded a song in the living room watching a Trinidad fight on tv. So more new artists in my mix we rock the indy way. Mulata check her joints she's dope. Let's go!!