Curd Duca
Another awesome one this week! Featuring new tracks from TM404, Curd Duca, Bit Folder and more! So let's get into it; this is the glitch//idm show!
Another awesome show this week! Featuring tracks from Dark Sky, Venetian Snares, Fennesz and a buttload more. So let's get into it! This is the Glitch//IDM show...
What's going on everyone!!! Are you all ready for this week? In work! In wisdom! In life! That's ok, me neither... But today's show is just the swift little ass-kick that will get you going :) So find a nice warm spot to rest your butt for a bit and let's do this~~~ ]glitch//idm[ -:ed:-
We got a moody show this week. But in a good way, not that lame, overly emotional moody. It's almost like we are in a dream that takes place in 1993 and 2045 at the same time... Think about it.
Welcome back! This week on the show we're focusing on that new school ish. So get out your calculator, cause it's gonna get tricky in here! Glitch/DM loves you.