Crooked Colours
Today, I'll be playing the first track off of some of the best albums from the past few months.
Extend the final weekend in summer! It doesn't have to end today!!! Let the music keep you going! Right here on Dealer's Choice on BTR
DJRePete has an electronica spotlight to slide you into your holiday weekend with LIMITS and Matisyahu, and a throwback by Walter Meego!
J sets up a couple of vague games for Bryan as they listen though this weeks music. Featured tangent for this episode: discussion of Dent May leads to discussion of Elton John which leads to discussion of the documentary on Tower Records, All Things Must Pass.
Featuring tracks from Brooklyn’s Afro Punk festival artists like Sinkane and The Cool Kids, plus new music from Widowspeak and Dent May!
New tunes courtesy of A Giant Dog, Kelley Stoltz, Leif Erikson and more!