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Post April Fools Dealer's Choice show filled with past favorites and reggae vibes to finish off the show
On episode 3 of the Subliminal Inevitable Show, we take a look at Kanine Records, and check out new music from Wild Beasts, Exploded View, Lambchop, and more.
The Jaunt for the very first Thursday in November will feature artists from Zurich, Switzerland. You'll also hear new tunes from Cosmonauts, Real Numbers, Terry Malts, Naked Giants and more! Stay tuned!
New music on The Jaunt today courtesy of Crying, Hiss Golden Messenger, Helado Negro and more! New music on The Jaunt today courtesy of Hiss Golden Messenger, Crying and Helado Negro!
The Listening Booth bids farewell to summer today with an appropriate folk ode by Woodpigeon. Plus, alt rock, pop, and R&B!
Whoop! This is a great week for new music here a BTRtoday, especially on THE ROCK SHOW! We've got the latest hits from bands like NOTS, THE ALLAH-LAS, PREOCCUPATIONS, and just so many more it's almost impossible to even count them all up, even if you wanted to! You couldn't do it! Go ahead, I dare you try. Sound off in the comments!