Common Market
This time around we’ve made it to the State capital, Sacramento (That’s California for those that failed geography) to talk to friend of the show and local sushi chef, Billy Gougherty, which is a totally Japanese name. We should know because we of course also host The Super Terrific Happy Hour, which makes us experts in all things Japanese. Billy used to work for Sacramento’s mega huge sushi slinging giant, Mikuni and so did I actually, albeit briefly. Fellas, if you want to go chasing skirts, skip the bar and head to Mikuni on a Friday night. Just sayin’. Anyway, Billy now takes up his yanagi ba (sushi knife yo!) at Tokyo Fros another hip Sacto (local speak) sushi joint. It’s safe to say Billy knows sushi. So hang out with DJ Hanabi and Billy as he tells you a little bit about the life of a Sushi chef, and the secret to awesome sushi rice and sushi grade salmon. He’s also a Bone Thugs n’ Harmony fan too. Wow, he’s keeping it gangster! Thanks Billy! 00:00 Intro 01:20 Pigeons- The Hundred In The Hands 04:44 Lovesick Teenagers- Bear In Heaven 07:50 All Your Downtime Is Up- Birds Of Avalon 11:56 Tuck The Darkness In- Bowerbirds 16:35 Break 19:25 Said the King to the River- La Dispute 23:24 Tonto- Battles 30:30 Awake- Your Youth 33:19 Mindkilla- Gang gang Dance 38:26 Break 41:33 Tobacco Road- Common Market 45:36 Soul Osci- Shuta Hasunuma 51:05 Sleeping Ute- Grizzly Bear 55:36 Finish