Com Truise)
Feeling the heat? BTR is turnin' up the burn with Fitness Week! On today's Sew & Tell, I'm joined by Peter Kallen, Design Director for Nau Clothing, a Portland, OR - based company that creates subtle, elegant, multi-purpose, moveable clothing for men and women. Whether you're cycling or doing downward dog, the Nau garments keep you covered while remaining unobtrusive, freeing you to focus. Not only that, but as a company, Nau strives to make socially and environmentally considered choices in every aspect of their business, from design to production to distribution. On today's show, Peter shares about how he got started with Nau, the company's approach to developing sustainable practices, and his own design criteria for Nau garments. Plus, we've got tracks from artists like Washed Out, Azure Ray, Lovers, Mirror Mirror, Janelle Monae and more. Don't change that browser - things are just heating up on BreakThru Radio!