Cloud Boat
Hey we go again/././ Yeahhhhh, ok so this week's show we're dropping some heaviness... But don't get scared away because we'll through in enough melodic love tones to keep your inner child in a perpetual coming-of-age state. So turn it the hell up, find a comfortable spot to have your mind blown_ this is the glitch//idm show! -ed-
Welcome BAcK!!! This week on our awesome show we are bringing the intensity and the subtlety. We got some new stuff I think you'll be into, and of course, some of our old favorites... Other than that, we'll discuss life transitions and your spiritual journeys! ok, let's do it///// Glitch/DM -ed-
Awwww yeah. We went hunting this past week and found a whole bunch of new artists and new tunes that were on the mind-bending side of IDM and Glitch. But it's definitely also a family fun night style of a show too. So bust out your board games and get the sweet tea, because we're about to go on an adventure that will last you, at least an hour...