Class Actress
DJRePete marks 13 years on the BTRtoday airwaves today w/a throwback mix: alt from Throw Me the Statue, RAC remixes, & beats w/High Decibels
The Listening Booth is a veritable time machine as we spotlight electro alt throwbacks from 2009 to 2012 w/Cut Copy & Two Door Cinema Club
Today we’re playing all of our very best anti-love songs in honor of Valentine’s day. Check out not-love-songs from TEEN, Azure Ray and more
Your Tuesday mix on BTR!
Latola has a long conversation with Jake from SimuNation about film. Specifically, M. Night Shymalan, “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Raising Arizona.” Also, talk of Beck, Halo and teddy bears. Plus apropos music.
New music from Lissy Trullie kicks off the show today and there is much more where that came from! Enjoy!