It's the OVERNIGHT SENSATION BEST OF 2014, Part 1 of 3 music extravangaza! This episode features some of my favorite PUNK, GARAGE PUNK, GARAGE POP and everything in between!
Today Patrick K and Latola react to songs from Secret Cities, The Resonars, Darling Chemicalia, Sinkane, Clampa and Dave Sparkz
Hot times this week! It's another rocker! Featuring hit records from the likes of: Dicktations, Company Calls, Heavens to Betsy, Darlingchemicalia, and more more more!!
All-new episode featuring all-new tunes from bands like: Clampa, The Girl Fridas, Florist, Total Control, and so many MORE! First half is indie/bedroom pop that is simply delicious. Second half gets a bit more "punk" but I'm not pushing it too hard today. This is meant to be an intensely enjoyable set. Enjoy!!