Christian Löffler
Hello Friends!!! This week's show features new tracks from Slugabed, Valance Drakes & Qebo, Floating Points and always a ton more! So let's get it in, glitch//idm.
The smoothie of podcasts... Awesome new stuff this week, featuring tracks from Livigesh, Christian Löffler, Saad and always more!!!!!! So let's do this, glitch//idm.
Alright guys, here we go! Let's take it to the next level with tracks from Qebrus, Surachai, Rashad Becker and always more! This is the glitch//idm show!!!
Let´s celebrate late Summer with some cool electronic tunes by Andres, Lars Moston, Caribou, Junior Boys, Bruce Trail, Sepalcure, Christian Löffler, Autarkic and Smash TV.