Chris Knox
We're back at it with another look at Omnian Music Group - this time it's the legendary New Zealand jangle pop label, Flying Nun Records. Get a taste of some classic Kiwi bands as well as newer artists working with the label. For the second half of the show, we check out new music from the past few weeks, keeping the pop and punk vibes of the label feature going with great stuff from Cults, Faith Healer, Partner, and more!
OOOOH I am soooo STEAMED about being left out of Throwback Thursday! Every damn time! So I have taken it upon myself to initiate my very own TIME WARP WEDNESDAY set! Enjoy....
Love all these new, up-and-coming artists (our specialty here @breakthruradio)! You're welcome, Listeners! Sincerely, Overnight Sensation, LLC
"It's a Rock, and he shows to us-- Rock Show!" - Lenny from Ghostwriter.
"Like getting hit by a semi-truck full of the best music in the world. You die on impact, but you don't even care; you're already in heaven." -- Sir Bernie Taupin on Overnight Sensation.
Your life will be better once you're rockin' around the xmas tree...