Chris Bell
It's Authenticity Week on BTR! On today's show, Jordan Reisman chats with the creator of the award winning podcast, 'The Truth', Jonathan Mitchell. And later, Jody Stephens, drummer of Memphis power pop quartet Big Star, is on the phone talking about a new documentary out on his legendary band. Plus, last week in independent media and under-reported news.
On today's episode, Jen interviews composer and programmer Jakub Ciupinski of Blind Ear Music, a collective of musicians and composers with a penchant, and special software program, for real-time composing. Essentially, thanks to this new technology, the audience can watch a composer interact with the instant feedback of a musical ensemble. And later, Matt discusses The Emoti-chair, a sensory substitution technology designed to help the hearing-impaired better experience music, with co-inventor Dr. Frank Russo.