Chico Alvarez & The Palomonte Afro Cuban Big Band
Hop on the Worldwide Hour and try out your salsa moves to Adalberto Alvarez, Africando, Celia Cruz, and Chico Alvarez.
DJ Wynn will carry Summer vibes with him to Iceland with this salsa mix featuring Chico Alvarez, Africando, Orchestra Baobab, and Candido.
Worldwide Hour on BTR
Happy New Year! Chook Moong Numb Moi! Feliz año nuevo! DJ Wynn celebrates with memories from a neighbor's party that rung in the new year with salsa music. Hear music from Celia Cruz, Eddie Palmieri, Africando, and La Sonora Dinamita.
Music from Eddie Palmieri, Very Be Careful, Amadou & Mariam, and Chico Alvarez