This week, Jason interferes with your ears, and whichever other orifices he can get his hands on. There's plenty of entertaining tea-based chat, inspirational concepts and ideas etc.. Oh, and there's also more of Venazualan early 70s group "Spiteri", a pair of tasty morsels from the new Brian Auger comp, and more from the debut LP by The Sorcerers. Oh boy! I can't wait! Can you?
Tired and delirious, DJ Wynn marches on with music from Emahoy Tsegue Maryam Guebrou, Baloji, Femi Kuti, and Rokkurro.
This week, Jason's flying solo (not literally flying), and has a variety of themes covered in the songs of his choosing. There's more from the debut LP by The Sorcerers, and and more from the new Brian Auger anthology & the awesome Chicha Libra. Oh boy! I can't wait! Can you?
This week, it's an especially relaxed show, both in the choice of music, the atmosphere in the studio, and the angle of reclinement of Mr Jason throughout the show.. Excellent tunes all the way, from the likes of Brian Auger & the awesome Chicha Libra. Oh boy! I can't wait! Can you?
Ride along with the Worldwide Hour and hear new music from Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Chico Trujillo, as well as goldies from Debo Band, Seun Kuti, and Amadou & Mariam.
Hop on the Worldwide Hour to hear from Axel Krygier, William Onyeabor, and El Rego.
DJ Wynn is flipping on tracks from his modern world music collection. We'll hear from The Very Best, Rokkurro, Chicha Libre, and Helado Negro.
DJ Wynn will help keep you warm in the aftermath of the blizzard with Antibalas, Seun Kuti, Baloji, and AJ Davila.
Today's set features music from Nigerian pioneer William Onyeabor, the fast strumming legends of Gipsy Kings, Chinese Renaissance woman Wu Fei, and Puerto Rican composer Raphy Leavitt.