DJ Wynn is sharing world music from A through Z. This mix is A through D and features Amadou & Mariam, Balkan Beat Box, Cesaria Evora, and Dele Sosimi.
It’s a good one today! Air Waves has a new album it- it’s a little bit bigger than Dungeon Dots, but still definitely all her, and we’re playing a track from it today that features one of my favorite Baltimoreans, Jana Hunter. Plus, new tracks from Setting Sun and up-and-comer Alex G. And don’t forget to head on over to Facebook and give BTR a like! Happy listening!
This week, Jason ponders the chances of some of tonight's artistes getting together to open a firm of lawyers. I bet you were thinking the same thing, right? There's allsorts on today's show. It really is packed full of jam. So, put on your radio gloves, and settle in for a sticky ride! Oh boy! I can't wait! Can you?