The Alt-Country Hour on BTR!
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Enjoy this Tuesday mix with DJ Emily.
Country tunes for your Sunday!
Your Tuesday mix on BTR!
The Top 10 artist and albums on BTR!
Great alt-country tunes for your Sunday!
The Top 10 Artists on BTR!
October 18, 2012. 10/18/12.
Your Tuesday mix on BTR!
The Top 10 artist and albums on BTR!
The Alt-Country Hour on BTR!
It's Oktoberfest on BTR's Roadside Assistance, presented by United Airlines! Listen as 8 different BTR DJs present 8 different interpretations on what kind of soundtrack goes best with sausage, beer and Oompah music! Take it with ye wherever ye are bound!
00:00 DJ Emily 00:32 Maybe on Monday - Calexico 04:00 Red Balloon - Azure Ray 07:44 Here Now - Sean Bones 11:07 Nothing in Rambling - Helvetia 14:41 Open Letter - The Helio Sequence 18:55 DJ Emily 19:54 Thieves - She & Him 23:57 Temporary - White Rabbits 27:36 The Salton Sea - Divine Fits 31:54 Wandering Streets - Mike Higbee 35:25 Last Leaves of Autumn - Beth Orton 39:18 Gun-Shy - Grizzly Bear 43:41 DJ Emily 44:02 Cramm - Three Trapped Tigers 48:54 Surrounded By Cowards - Julien-K 53:18 Champion - The Chevin 57:00 Brooklyn With Your Highest Wall - Denison Witmer 60:57 Stained Glass House - Shy Hunters 64:33 My Love Won't Wait - Two Gallants 68:09 DJ Emily 68:20 The Queen of Vancouver Island - Carolyn Mark 72:33 One Last Show - Flobots 76:31 We Added It Up - My Brightest Diamond 80:33 Only For You - Heartless Bastards 85:38 DJ Emily 86:02 Deep In The Throes - Icky Blossoms 90:07 Finish official album art from The Queen of Vancouver Island Carolyn Mark LIVE!!! Sep 28 - Octoberfest  -  Vanleek Hill, ON, Canada Sep 29 - Octoberfest  - Vanleek Hill, ON, Canada official album art from Algiers Calexico LIVE!!! Sep 25  -  Grobe Freiheit 36 - Hamburg, Germany Sep 26  -  Vega -  Copenhagen, Denmark Sep 27  -  ROCKEFELLER - Oslo, Norway Sep 28  -  Berns  -  Stockholm, Sweden official album art from Sugaring Season Beth Orton LIVE!!! Oct 09  - Turner Hall Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI Oct 16  -  Venue  -  Vancouver, Canada Oct 22  -  House of Blues - San Diego, CA
The Top 10 Artist on BTR!
9/20. Tons of new music today. Can you spot the brand spanking new tracks? 00:00 Lottie on BTR 00:57 Half Gate-Grizzly Bear 06:24 One More Time-Helio Sequence 10:03 Steady Pace-Matthew E. White 14:13 Splitter-Calexico 17:34 Little Death Shaker-Raymond Byron & the White Freighter 19:42 To All Who Say Goodnight-The Music Tapes 24:51 Lottie on BTR 26:57 Silver Age-Bob Mould 29:59 Get It Out of Your Head-Beach Day 32:19 Electric-TEEN 36:42 Hot Mess-Black Pistol Fire 40:13 My Daddy Was A RocknRoller-Jason Collett 43:30 Signs-Sean Rowe 47:53 Lottie on BTR 50:26 There's That Grin-Deerhoof 53:43 Monkey Riches-Animal Collective 60:26 Eyes Forward-Lymbyc Systym 63:40 The Gentle Roar-Niki & The Dove 67:20 Salt Days +-WIN WIN 71:02 Raise Up-Larry Graham And Graham Central Station Feat. Prince 76:37 Lottie on BTR 78:32 Say Say-Eyes Lips Eyes 82:01 Heroes-Callers 86:46 Some Dandruff On Your Shoulder-Jens Lekman 90:36 Long Slow Dance-The Fresh & Onlys 93:04 Lottie on BTR 94:52 I Can't Stand These Lonely Nights-The Inversions 98:00 Finish Grizzly Bear photo: Album Cover Sept 20, 2012 9:30 Club-Washington,DC Sept 21, 2-12 9:30 Club-Watchington,DC Sept 22, 2012 Orpheum Theater-Boston,MA Black Pistol Fire photo:Black Pistol Fire Sept 29, 2012 Grand Stafford Theatre-Bryan,TX Oct 11, 2012 La Zona Rosa-Austin,TX Eyes Lips Eyes photo: Eyes Lips Eyes Oct 3, 2012 Bootleg-Los Angels,CA Oct 4, 2012 The Griffin-San Diego, CA Oct 9, 2012 Lowbrow Palace-El Paso,TX
Calexico, Divine Fits and M. Ward are part of your Tuesday mix today on BTR!
Top 10 Countdown on BTR!
It's a back to school Saturday, which makes it all the more precious! That's why I've put together an extra special fun show for you today, with the likes of Heartless Bastards, Jay Reatard, and Jens Lekman. Plus, we have this week's Discovery Artist, Hardcoretet. And don't forget to check out BTR on Facebook and Twitter!
Back to school! But there's only great music to look forward to! There were so many good releases this month, more than in any September in recent history: Animal Collective, Jens Lekman, The Fresh & Onlys, Deerhoof, oh my! And don't forget about our Discovery Artist, Flyin Fisch.
DJ Thompson guest stars on today's very special episode of The Rock Show.
This week on Art Uncovered I'm joined by Andrew Shea. He's the director of a new film called POW: Portrait of Wally. The film tells the story of one family's efforts to recover a 1912 work by Egon Schiele, Portrait of Wally, that was stolen by the Nazis during World War II