This week on the show my guests are graphic designers Spencer Drate and Judith Salavetz. Their book is called 500 45s: A Graphic History of the 7″ Record. The book is an anthology of over 500 examples of album sleeve design spanning the years 1950-2000. The book covers 7″ designs from a wide range of artists including: Elvis, The Zombies, Nirvana, U-Men, The Beach Boys, Barbara Streisand, T-Rex and many more. Spencer and Judith are award winning designers who have designed album art for the Ramones, Talking Heads Joan Jet the Beach Boys and many others. I spoke with Spencer and Judith over the phone about their book and their prolific design careers.
This week on the show, artist Jason Burch. Jason is known for his videos, photographs and collages that explore the surreal intersections between natural and man-made environments. This week Jason discusses his work and why he likes to set his projects in construction sites and around housing developments in New Jersey.
We are DEEP into 2014 now here at BTR, you guys are in for it! Ooooh oh, hehehe. Look out! Beware or be square!
This week on the show my guest is Allison Maletz. Allison’s watercolor paintings , installations and sound works examine the  contradictions and sometimes ugliness that lies underneath the surface of the suburban family.  In paintings of bizarre and humorous scenes taken from family photos, and in installations comprised of old furniture and the sounds of disembodied voices, Allison’s work reflects a world in which we are simultaneously loved and neglected, out of synch yet still connected to each other by the obligations of family. Allison’s work is currently on view at the Florence Griswald Museum in Connecticut as part of the show Animal/Vegetable/Mineral: An Artist’s Guide to the World. 00:00 Thomas Intro 01:34 Allison Maletz Interview pt. 1 04:57 Expectations –  Belle and Sebastian 08:21  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 2 11:26 I Have a Secret – Half Japanese 13:57  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 3 18:41 Can You Keep a Secret – The Bitters 21:09  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 4 23:23 Cheek to Cheek – Allison Maletz 24:57  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 5 27:30 Utility Purgatory (excerpt)- Allison Maletz 29:48  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 6 32:11 Smashing Time – Television Personalities 34:51  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 7 37:56 Those Mooney Stars – Butterglory 40:07  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 8 42:09 Springtime (excerpt) – Allison Maletz 44:17  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 9 46:34  You Mean Nothing to Me – Jay Reatard 48:20 Finish
Julie Torres is a painter based in Brooklyn, New York. She’s known around Brooklyn for her public painting marathons, in which Julie takes over a space and produces dozens of playful, off the cuff abstract paintings over a 12 or even 24 hour period. Often she’ll invite the public to watch her work, even take home a painting.
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