It's the BEST of 2014, Part 1! VERY EXCITING!!
Buckle up, buck-0... This week's set is gonna bl0w yr mind!
My dear listeners... DON'T FORGET to come to the BTR CMJ Day Party TODAY! IT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! We've got the likes of Literature, Popstrangers, Dinosaur Feathers, and more! And you can listen to them on this very episode of the Rock Show!
John Talabot. The Hawks (Of Holy Rosary). Pional. Cassie Lopez. Kiasmos. Slothtrust. Burnt Ones. Flying Lotus. Andy Stott. And more...
Mannequin Pussy. Cayetana. Heckhounds. Death. Burnt Ones. Juan Wauters. Paul Cary and the Small Scarys. Bueno. Greys. And so MUCH more...
It's Surf Week on BTR! On today's show, we're featuring interview audio with George Tomscoe, guitarist of the legendary '50s group, the Fireballs, discussing the legacy of Surf Rock. And later, more from documentarian Sarah Blecher and her film 'Surfing Soweto' documenting teenage daredevils in Africa.
Dear Everybody -- This week's Rock Show is gonna knock your socks off... Then it's gonna knock your gloves off! It's summer, you shouldn't be wearing them anyway! Love, DJ Patrick K.
Let's enjoy this semi-Monday on BTR!
Dear Everybody -- This week's Rock Show is gonna knock your socks off... Then it's gonna knock your gloves off! It's summer, you shouldn't be wearing them anyway! Love, DJ Patrick K.
May 8, 2014.
People are always asking me, 'DJ Patrick K, can you take me higher?' Well, today, I'm finally gonna reveal the answer! (Hint: It's 'Yes.')
Another day, another Rock Show... Ho hummmmmmm.
Alex G. Four Visions. PUPS. Ausmuteants. Ratking. Fuzz. The Wytches. Ricky Eat Acid. Volcano Choir. Ava Luna. Burnt Ones. And more...
Burnt Ones. Ava Luna. Millie and Andrea. KILN. Vince Staples. Joey Badass. Lee. These New Puritans. And more...
BTR Top 10 for the Week of April 7, 2014
DJ Drew's Sunday show on BTR
To celebrate our 50th episode we decided to try something new - a wildcard episode! Today we choose six somewhat random tracks from the last two BTR music updates, listen to them in real time, and discuss the musical elements to the songs. What we liked, what we didn’t like, etc. We’re putting ourselves on the spot with this one, hope you like it!
Ausmuteants. HTRK. El Guincho. Ohbliv. Douglas Dare. Rafter. Laughing Fingers. Burnt Ones. Zula. And more...
Douglas Dare. HTRK. White Poppy. The Ausmuteants. Ex Hex. Rafter. The War On Drugs. Destroyer. White Fence. And more...
April, 03, 2014.
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
Today on the show we have brand new tracks from Tycho, Burnt Ones, and even S. Carey. Did you know that BTR has an amazing SoundCloud account? We do. It's called BTR Found Sound and we post a brand new track for you every day, that I'd bet my bottom dollar will be new to you. If you like what you're hearing on the Saturday Show, make sure to wonder on over there and follow us and check it out! And don't forget to tune into all of the other programming we have for you on BTR today- from your Saturday morning coffee to your Saturday night party- we've got you covered.
The Rock Show is here... to PUMP! YOU! UP!
On this week’s Sew & Tell, I speak with the co-founder of the hottest new fashion start-up around: NailSnaps. NailSnaps is an app that allows you to design custom manicure sets using your own personal photos, and when word got out about its Kickstarter campaign, the fashion community was universally smitten. Join me for a conversation with NailSnaps co-founder Angel Anderson, who talks about how she got the initial idea for this brilliant concept, how she and Sarah Heering have developed the design platform, the countless creative possibilities that NailSnaps offer, the benefits and challenges of using Kickstarter for a fashion start-up, and more. Plus, a great playlist chock-full of new music including the latest from folk artists S. Carey and William Fitzsimmons, garage/psych rockers Burnt Ones and Dry Heeves, and the new supergroup Sisyphus. So tune in, grab a nail file, and get ready for the manicure revolution!
January 23, 2014.