Brian Eno
Today, ‘More Songs About Buildings and Food’ turns 42 & we’re diving deep into its magnificence.
Dad's and Doubleshots! Happy Father's Day! Enjoy some father inspired tunes as well as some new tunes in the form of a huge doubleshot block. Hug a dad today! Let's do it.
The Gift is an alternative rock band from Portugal who recently celebrated their second decade of music-making. On their latest release, their distinct sound is honed by the production and co-writing magic of the legendary Brian Eno, with singer Sónia Tavares’ distinct vocals as an impressive focal point. The group dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, during their recent U.S. tour to give us this taste of that collaboration, and what to expect from their new record. Altar by The Gift will be released digitally on April 7th, and on CD/vinyl May 5. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
I never intended to speak of the Super Bowl, post­Super Bowl, but I couldn’t help it considering where I spent my Super Bowl Sunday. Hanabi and some pals went to Hi­Tops a gay sports bar located in the Castro district. Talk about a well run sports bar, this place was on its A­game. They were packed, but neat, clean and efficient. The food was next­level pub grub. The killer nachos stole the show! Pork chops too boring for you lately? I say dress them up with Hanabi’s weekday porchetta hack. Hanabi also went to Mexico for a weekender. How about a little fried opah sandwich from some of the most beautiful waters you’ll ever see?
This week Hanabi has a monster review of Ichi Sushi. Needless to say, you need to eat there. Also we will hear about his newfound success in making Tempura. We will also hear about some food trucks who have also found success in their culinary endeavors.
Ugh! Eating! We’ve been doing it since Thanksgiving and we’re paying the price for it. Hanabi and Insane Dane readily acknowledge our doughy frames and as per usual, our New Years resolution is to get trim. We mean it this time! Please join us as some of the most out of shape individuals tell you how to get rid of those post-holiday pounds. Insane Dane’s Dish + Drink article is certainly helping. Thanks Dane!