Brian Eno And The Words of Rick Holland)
Happy Instrument Week! OK, no, it's not an official holiday, but here on BreakThru Radio, we felt that it was high time instruments got their due. So we're paying homage to the tools that create all the great music we enjoy, and celebrating with some cool content on the station, including today's Sew & Tell! I had the honor of chatting with George Gruhn, owner of Nashville's landmark guitar store Gruhn Guitars. The shop is in it's 41 year of business, and has one of the best selections of rare and vintage stringed instruments in the world. George is incredibly knowledgeable about his collection, and on today's show, he shares his thoughts on the style and design trends behind rock & roll's sexiest accessory: the guitar. Plus, Track #4 from Bon Iver mixes with new music from Stars, Memory Tapes, EDM, Dent May, Jasmin Kaset, and more. Rock school is always in session here on BTR...