Bopol Mansiamina
Tony Allen fans, Africaine 808’s remix of Afrodiscobeat adds a futuristic twist by re-programming it with drum machines & synthesizers!
In “Race Hustle,” by C.A.P., an overwhelming atmosphere of urban struggle rises from chanting protestors introducing the song!
DJ Wynn welcomes the first day of Spring (Mar. 20) with world music from Peter King, Amadou & Mariam, Gipsy.Cz, Cucu Diamantes, and Konono No.1
Listen carefully to the long songs in today's Worldwide Hour. They all tinker with length by adding new elements along the way or changing rhythms which morph the song into something else by the end. We'll hear from Jose Missamou, Konono No.1, and Bopol Mansiamina.
DJ Wynn has compiled a set of jams that past the 6 minute mark. It includes Jose Missamou, Konono No.1, and Bopol Mansiamina
DJ Wynn attempts recreate the warm weather from his trip to Miami with music from Chuito y Chuitin, Les Bantous, and Bopol Mansiamina