Bombay Bicycle Club
Your Friday night indie dance mix.
00:00 DJ Emily 00:53 Mom Talk - Conveyor 03:13 Gold - Oberhofer 07:30 Pretender - Miike Snow 10:57 I Love You - Eternal Summers 12:39 DJ Emily 13:16 Rattler's Revival - The Toadies 16:22 Positive Vibes - Freshkills 19:52 Stuck - Birthmark 23:13 Her Fantasy (Poolside Remix) With Master limiter - Mathew Dear 29:12 Today's Supernatural (Radio Edit) - Animal Collective 32:58 DJ Emily 33:06 Lose Your Balance -Mnemonic Sounds 36:59 Sugar - Moon Boots 42:42 Stay Away from Downtown - Red Kross 46:17 Stay and Defend (The Magician Remix) - Wolf Gang 51:35 Fair Warning (Dirty Vegas Remix) - Penguin Prison 55:13 Temporary - White Rabbits DJ Emily 55:48 How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep (Tom Vek Big Beatnik Mix) - Bombay Bicycle Club 59:50 Finish official album art form Correct Behavior Eternal Summers LIVE!!! Aug 10  -  Soundlab  -  Buffalo, NY Aug 11  -  285 Kent  -  Brooklyn, NY Aug 12  -  Fulton Stall Market  -  New York, NY Aug 31  -  The Bishop  -  Bloomington, IN Sep 01  -  Schubas  -  Chicago, IL Sep 02  -  The Frequency  -  Madison, WI Sep 04  -  7th Street Entry  -  Minneapolis, MN official album art from Conveyor's self-titled album Conveyor LIVE!!! Aug 22 -  Glasslands Gallery - Brooklyn, NY official album art from Play.Rock.Music The Toadies LIVE!!! Aug 10 –Vogue Theater -  Indianapolis, IN Aug 11 – Pop’s - St. Louis, MO Aug 12 – Beaumont - Kansas City, MO Aug 14 – Bluebird - Denver, CO
New tunes from Animal Collective, Birthmark and More! Enjoy!
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This week BreakThru Radio has been investigating the small screen—how we use it, why we use it, how it is changing the way we share and receive information and data. Reading is a medium that has perhaps changed the most, more than music, gaming, or video. How has reading changed and why do we continue to read when surrounded with so many other options? I take a look at the history of reading and how technology has changed the way we read.