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Jamie Beck is a fashion photographer, and her fiance Kevin Burg is a visual designer and computer whiz. The two pooled their talents, resources, and ingenuity to create this incredible, unique process. On today's show they'll share about how cinemagraphs began, their future plans for the new form, and Jamie will talk about her experiences in fashion photography (including a day behind the scenes at Oscar de la Renta!)
Mogwai. Kate Bush. The Decemberists. Bobby. CFCF. Suckers. Gravenhurst. Matthew E. White. TV On The Radio. And more...
Mux Mool. TV Ghost. Bobby. Thee Oh Sees. Dead Man's Bones. Chelsea Wolfe. Ryan Power. North Dakota. King Khan and the Shrines. White Poppy. And more...
Warm Soda. Junip. K-X-P. Suuns. Leapling. California X. The Underachievers. !!!. Alemayehu Eshete. Lumerians. Lower Dens. Julian Lynch. And more...
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