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90-minutes of tunes today on BTR!
It's The Rock Show, bro. Think you can handle it? Pffft, probably not. Loser.
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Enjoy 90 minutes of tunes with DJ Emily this Tuesday on BTR!
Sunday's with DJ Drew on BTR
Sunday's with DJ Drew on BTR
90 minutes of tunes today on BTR! Enjoy!
The best of the best on BTR this week!
Sunday's with DJ Drew on BTR
Enjoy your 90-minute Tuesday set this Tuesday on BTR!
A showcase of the best of the best on BTR this week!
The Rock Show is back and better than ever, baby!!
Thursday! March!
Enjoy a 90-minute set of tunes alongside DJ Emily.
The best of the best on BTR this week!
Sunday's with DJ Drew on BTR
Happy Saturday!! Today there's a ton of great new music on the show. I'm very excited to play tracks from a brand new Eternal Summers album, The Drop Beneath. Plus, a new track from some of our favorite Brits, Wild Beasts. And, of course, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud.
February 27, 2014.
Tuesday's 90-minutes set is ready to go!
The best of the best on BTR this week!
Relationship talk with DJ Wynn and new music from Angel Olsen, Tinariwen, Young Fathers, and ceo.
Happy Saturday!! I don't know about you, but I really need a great Saturday to recover from my major Olympics hangover. What will I do without all the downhill skiing and ice hockey? I know! Listen to great tunes on BTR. Check out new tracks from Cloud Nothings, ceo, and Com Truise on the show today. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, and Soundcloud!
Happy Friday, fashionistas! We are thisclose to the end of February, which means March is around the corner, which means… spring is on the horizon! Which is news that the majority of this country has desperately needed for the last two months (!) But while we wait, why not spend the rest of our hibernation getting ready for spring style? This week’s Sew & Tell guest makes it possible to prep your closet for the sun’s return without leaving the comfort of your own comforter! Ashley Jude is founder of Tog + Porter, an innovative mail-order styling and personal shopping service that delivers a box of new wardrobe additions to your door, customized to fit your personal taste, figure, and budget! Yup. You just found a new best friend. On today’s show, you’ll hear from Ashley about the beginning of Tog + Porter, its growth over the last five years, the superhero-like powers that T + P stylists offer their clients, the ins and outs of using Tog + Porter’s delivery system, and more. Plus, a playlist chock full of the latest & soon-to-be-released from indie artists like ceo, Cloud Nothings, Bleeding Rainbow, and more! So sit back, order up some Seamless (again), and learn how you can prep your closet for spring without leaving your couch, right here on BreakThru Radio!
February 20, 2014.
Tons and tons of new music on BTR today!
Let's listen to some of the best music on BTR, shall we?
Sunday's with DJ Drew on BTR
It's the day after Valentine's Day! I love Valentine's Day- even though I'm single, I think it's a great day to eat chocolate sweets and tell people you love them! Plus, it's a great excuse to OD on love songs, which is exactly what we're doing on the show today! First we play some great new tracks, and then on to the love songs! Lovin' it here on BTR!
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It's Inspired Week on BTR! On today's show, the brains behind Wing Ma'am, a dating app for lesbians and LGBT women. And later, the story of a West African business student with the voice of an opera singer.
February 13, 2014.