Blank Dogs
Guess what? This week's show is a bit of a grab bag! Meaning, I stick my hand in the bag, pull out a song, and whatever comes out, I MUST play it. Fortunately, everything fits together quite nicely, and it's all great, warm, fuzzy bedroom pop, and indie rock... DJ Patrick K, you've done it again! Congrats!
Here we go, taking a good look into the Overnight Sensation grab bag! There's a LOT of stuff in there... Let us check out what we get!
Simply love to stroll down memory lane. This time we take a trip alllllll the way back to 2005-2010, back to the glory daze of "shitgaze." What do you think we'll find? Tune in to see!
We take a lovely little stroll down ol' Memory Lane on this week's episode... With hit records from all your favorite classics such as The Pizzas, Meth Teeth, El Jesus de Magico, and many many more!
Lots of rock music this week; it's the ROCK SHOW!
Travel back in time to a time called 2007! Taking a wyld tryp thru tyme!