Blank Banshee
A little bit of a BANGER this week!!! We got awesome new tracks from Dino Felipe, Urple Eeple, Monster X, and always the biggest and bestest. So let's do this! Glitch//IDM Show is on.
I'm feeling really good about the show this week... We got some upbeat tunes, a little mental floss, and a ton of squelchy bass; all the stuff you love, and me! So come along for this mini-journey into the mind, on[] The Glitch/IDM SHOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! **ed*&
This week! Alright, so on this one we're gonna take a nice warm digital bath, of love... All tracks are pretty deep, pleasant and should help bring you back from the cold, so turn it up, and take the IDM plunge/// ]ed[