Birds Of Hell
This week, The Jayman’s flying solo without a license. He makes up for the solitariness by filling your hearts, and ears, with audible items by the likes of Birds Of Hell, Wild Bore, and Invisible Familiars. Also, we continue featuring Ty Segall’s Album of The Month.
LOCO MOTIF – I first met this band when I saw a gig that Liam & his friend Liam (from The Sharps) put on at Bedfords’ Crypt, under the name The Condiment Collective a few months ago. I had a great time, and Liam and I had a great chat afterwards. If you enjoy this set, and want to see Loco Motif play live, then they’re playing again at Bedfords in Norwich on the 7th of February. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
Well, today is the CHRISTMAS DAY SPECIAL!!! It features favorites old and new, and old. And new! And special features such as the new Album Of The Month from The Oh Sees, plus our Classic Album, from Stereolab. What’s that? You also want a few Christmas song? Oh, OK then!