Birds of Avalon
Emily LaFrance joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring the link between cannabis use and creativity.
This week I’ve curated the ultimate playlist for a perfectly chilly & colorful Fall day. Enjoy! xoxo
And what a Thanksgiving it was? If you’re like us, we had way too much food (a good problem to have) and a short window to kill all the leftovers so it doesn’t go to rot. Then there is the boredom associated with eating stale turkey eight days in a row (they call this a first world problem). Fortunately, for you we’re here to help. This week’s show will show you how to use those leftovers more creatively.
DJ Hanabi with friend Johnny Ferguson
So DJ Hanabi brings you his world famous salmon of the morning. Everyone knows you can’t have a successfully Instagram ready dish right now unless it involves waffles. Well, this dish doesn’t actually have waffles. It has the syrup, but it forgoes the waffles in favor of salmon. Stick with me here. It will start to make sense.
On this edition of the show we thought we’d take a little departure from the usual happy go-lucky, super ambitious chefs we normally consort with. We talked with Anson Cyr, a boy and his dog who left the dirty, dirty south of Charleston, South Carolina to seek his fortune in sunny San Francisco. After working his way up the line of some of San Francisco’s fancier eateries Anson had an epiphany and realized his future lies in the arts. Listen to Anson’s cathartic and cautionary tale.