Happy post-Christmas Saturday. Instead of going to the mall to return that ugly sweater, just embrace it and hang out with us here at BTR. It's part two of three of my chronological 2013 countdown! We're starting in April and going through the end of the summer in this section, so stayed tuned for all your favorite indie summer bangers!! And don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Part 2 of 6 shows in which I play all of my favorite songs from 2013
Zula. Dan Deacon. Leapling. Blood Orange. White Birds. Bibio. Thee Oh Sees. Phosphorescent. Jesse Futerman. And more...
DJ Wynn shares his favorite under the radar tracks of 2013. If you missed them the first time, it's all right. Devour them now. Music from Born Ruffians, Yellowbirds, Mum, Deer Tick, Dent May, and Pure Bathing Culture.
Ahhhh Thanksgiving night... KILN, Aphex Twin, Nils Frahm, Boards of Canada, Cristoph El Truento, Bibio, The Range, The Black Hollies, Simon Scott, Julian Lynch and more...
I do love New York City in the fall, and I do love watching my Minnesota Vikings. So, it seemed like a brilliant idea to o go and see both at the same time as my beloved Vikings were set to battle the completely rotten, winless New York Giants. If my Vikings are good at anything, it's making terrible teams look brilliant. They did not fail me under the bright lights of Metlife Stadium. This was also a great opportunity to meet up with regular contributor to the show, Insane Dane. He accompanied me to the game and showed me what a truly delicious stadium dog New Yorkers are privileged to have. We went right for the Kosher dog vendor and got a perfectly cooked dog with sauerkraut. Pair that with a Stella and we were in business. Check out Insane Dane's take on Game day in his latest Dish + Drink.
For Columbus Day, an all-music mix is In The Den
Aw yeah, it’s fall peeps! It’s time to get excited about roasting things again as well as fall vegetables, soups and of course pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING!!!! Also, Halloween doesn’t just have to be about stupid little kids running around in unimaginative costumes trying to assert their perceived rights to free candy. Instead, it can be about fun dinner parties and costumes for adults with the adjective “sexy” affixed to the label. Oh Yeah... We also have beer too!
Lately, DJ Wynn has been reading essays by David Foster Wallace, and somehow he relates that to the new Hookworms album, Pearl Mystic. He also spins new music from Man Man, King Khan and The Shrines, and Tica Douglas.
Quince is a one Michelin star restaurant that is somewhat of a local legend around town and I just happened to have dinner there on the same night we recorded the show. It was fresh in mind so I needed to discuss. In our quest to be as diverse as possible we cleanly segued into burger talk, specifically Umami Burger. Since we we're already discussing burgers, we wanted to give a shout out to the fast food workers seeking a living wage.
So Hanabi and Insane Dane had a chance to experience a cross-country culinary phenomenon. No, they did not open an In and Out burger in NYC. But, they did open an NYC version of the San Francisco cult classic, Mission Chinese Food. Even though those NYC folks don't exactly know what the Mission in Mission Chinese Food means we can at least share a good meal even if we're 3,000 miles away. Hey New York. Don't say San Francisco never gave you anything.
Gimme Rock Shooooooow! (R-O-C-C-K!) I want Rock Shooooooow! (Um, did I happen to say?)
Feeling extra smooth this week... On this show we are gonna get super maxi-chillin'. A lot of nice grooves and cool moments to bring you into your best week ever! So let's get it in. Glitch/DM
America loves to party and America loves party snacks. Hanabi always brings the party, and Hanabi always brings the snacks. Yes it's the snack episode. We'll be talking all about our favorite snacks and whether they're any good for us. Scintillating!  Also check out some bleeps and blips by my man Aphex Twin and other savory tracks by Band of Horses and American Analog Set
I know what you're thinking. "What the hell am I going to do with all these tough cuts of meat? I mean I saved all kinds of money, but now what?" Seriously, don't sweat it. We got this. We're about to get our braise on son! That's right. It's time to talk a little technique this week, specifically braising. Also, Dish + Drink is on point.
DJ Wynn spins old tunes from Young Fathers, new music from Gauntlet Hair and underwater disco from STRFKR.
Cupcakes are stupid. Nobody cares. It's all about donuts now, though Homer Simpson has been trying to tell us for over 20 years. Hanabi is totally down with this, and has been for quite some time. New York has it's Cronuts as Dane will tell you about on Dish + Drink. But, San Francisco wins with Dynamo donuts, it's not a race though. Donuts are awesome. Embrace them.
Joey Bada$$. Cough Cool. Eola. Grizzly Bear. Cristoph El Truento. J. Dilla. Guppy. Adze. Leapling. Secret Cities. Woods. Ex Cops. Lou Breed. And more...
Hey! Welcome back to you most favorite show ever... Ok, so this week is a pretty chill one but not too sleepy, just coooool. man. As always, we are dropping some new NEWness, but keeping it real with the oldies. So kick back, it's the Glitch/DM Show! -ed-
If you've never been to an Asian dessert diner, you're totally missing out. These places are fascinating. With delicious things like Hong Kong milk tea, egg puffs, roti buns, honey boxes you're in for a treat. As lame as that just sounded I can assure you it's the truth. Whatever you do, stay away from the sweet green bean soup because it's just weird. Oh, and don't forget to check out the latest Dish + Drink, it's about fish.
It's a Fireworks Party on BTR's Roadside Assistance, presented by United Airlines! Listen as 8 different BTR DJs present 8 different interpretations on what kind of soundtrack goes best with explosions in the sky! Take it with ye wherever ye are bound!
It's the longest day of the year... will this be the longest Rock Show of the year? Tune in to find out!!
These New Puritans. Boards of Canada. Faltydl. The Pastels. Ex Cops. Peaking Lights. J. Dilla. Cornelius. Light Heat. Bibio. And more...
The last day of Spring! Helloooooo summer time! Party.
The Top 10 Artists and Albums on BTR!
Ex Cops. Bjorn Rhode. Wild Yaks. Jon Maus. Shannon and the Clams. Jon Hopkins. Bibio. Cursive. Fucked Up. Widowspeak. Four Tet. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. And more...
00:00 DJ Emily 01:07 Trains - Wampire 04:30 Break In - Saturday Looks Good To Me 07:28 She's A Mirror - Eleanor Friedberger 11:13 Night Time Made Us - Pastels 16:02 Deeper Feelings - Brazos 19:40 DJ Emily 20:34 Bubble Butt Remix (feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic) - Major Lazer 23:55 Proper Spirit - Small Black 28:05 Raincoat - Bibio 31:40 Fly - Child of LOV 35:27 DJ Emily 36:00 See It My Way - Mikal Cronin 39:53 Finish Wampire LIVE!!! Jun 10  -  Urban Lounge  -  Salt Lake City, UT Jun 11  -  Knitting Factory Concert House  -  Reno, NV CATCH BRAZOS LIVE on TOUR! album art form MCII Mikal Cronin LIVE!!! Jun 10  -  7th Street Entry - Minneaplis,MN Jun 11  -  The Empty Bottle - Chicago,IL
WooHoo! It's Tuesday on BTR! Enjoy this fabulous 90 minute mix!
The Top 10 Artists and Albums on BTR!
This week's broadcast of the Folk Wave includes more new music from Mikal Cronin and Bibio!
The last Thursday and the last day of May.
Tuesday is packed with 90-minutes of MUSIC!
A music mix for Memorial Day - enjoy the holiday!
Enjoy your Memorial Day with BTR!
Big Week! Big Week! Ok, so today we are dropping some new stuff from some of your favorite nerdy IDM dudes. The overall tone is pretty nice for an intro to summer, it may be a little rainy still, but overall it's getting nice out// So let's get to it, and feel the warmth. Glitch/DM -ed-
Today's show features brand new music from Bibio, Mikal Cronin, Grandchildren, and Saturday Looks Good To Me!
It's Craft Week here on BTR, and craft + fashion can only mean one thing: DIY project time! I'm joined this week by Jenni Radosevich, editorial staff member at InStyle, and creative mastermind behind the popular fashion project blog I Spy DIY. From make-it-yourself crystal necklaces to the latest nail art trends, sprucing up a pair of shoes, or adding a unique look to that Ikea lamp, Jenni's tutorials have you covered. Plus, she's got a ton of great inspiration posts that keep you up-to-date on all the latest styles! On today's show, Jenni will talk about the start of I Spy DIY, how *not* learning to sew made her who she is today, a few of her favorite style icons, and her top shops for craft supplies. All that, plus a set of brand new music from artists Mikal Cronin, Wampires, and Bibio, along with a set dedicated to the stylistically diverse roster of Toronto's record label Arts & Crafts. Grab that glue gun, and get ready to bedazzle here on BTR with Sew & Tell!
It's Thursday and tomorrow starts a long Memorial day weekend (in the USA)! Music! Enjoy.
It's new music Wednesday here on God Bless Weirdmerica. We got a lot of good new and also weird stuff in this week including The Child of Lov and Alessi's Ark. Plus, stay tuned for a story about Belle & Sebastian and !!!. Plus, don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and Pinterest.
Tuesday mix is ready to go! Love to Oklahoma!
Top 10 Artists and Albums on BTR!
DJ Wynn spins new music from Thee Oh Sees, Har Mar Superstar, Villagers, and Bibio.
Sunday's with DJ Drew on BTR
It's a beautiful Saturday in May, and what's better for a beautiful Saturday than an amazing playlist! We've got great new tunes on the show today from Mikal Cronin, Gold & Youth, and Dungeonesse. And don't forget, you can download all the shows on BTR, so you could put it on your phone and enjoy the weather outside! And don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and Pinterest.
Rock show, rock show, rock show 'til broad daylight! We're gonna rock show, gonna rock show 'round the clock tonight!
May 16 brings you new tunes by Bibio, !!!, Alessi's Ark and more!
00:00 Latola 00:36 Acid Rain - Chance the Rapper 04:12 Land of Lords - The Underachievers 07:56 The Ritual - Captain Murphy 11:05 Visions - The Cyclist 16:43 Marijuana - Chrome Sparks 19:41 Music For A Moire Pattern - Steve Hauschildt 31:00 Latola 32:34 Don't Grecko Your Brother - Jesse Futerman 34:20 Broken Glass - Jesse Futerman 37:14 All You Are Going To Want To Do Is Get Back There - Le Caretaker 41:00 Le Grand - Lilacs and Champagne 46:55 A tout a l'heure - Bibio 51:03 Was All Talk - Kurt Vile 58:45 Heal - Child of Lov 62:21 Latola 63:34 She Will - Savages 67:01 No Face - Savages 70:37 It Fit When I Was A Kid - Liars 74:44 T.H.M. - Deerhunter 79:01 Sleepwalking - Deerhunter 82:10 Waves and Flying Dust Monsters - Wax Monsters 85:42 Goblin Town - Mux Mool 87:42 Cancor - TV Ghost 90:19 Latola 92:01 Wolves - Valentina 97:57 Finish ("Acid Rap" art) Chance the Rapper live: May 25 at Metro in Chicago, IL May 26 at Metro in Chicago, IL Jun 28 at Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans, LA Jul 1 at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN Jul 5 at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, FL Jul 6 at Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL Jul 11 at Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA Jul 12 at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, PA Jul 21 at Buffalo Outer Harbor in Buffalo, NY Jul 27 at The Rave/Eagles Club in Milwaukee, WI ("Exquisite Basement" EP) Jesse Futerman live: no shows listed ("Phantasm" art) TV Ghost live: no shows listed ("Home" art) Austra live: 06-02 Dublin, Ireland - Fobidden Fruit 06-06 Zurich, Switzerland - Plaza 06-07 Luzerne, Sweden - Sudpol 06-08 Yverdon-les Bains, Sweden - L'Amalgame 06-10 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Bitterzoet 06-12 Paris, France - Le Nouveau Casino 06-14 Berlin, Germany - Lido 06-17 London, UK - Hoxton Bar Grill 06-20 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg 06-23 Los Angeles, LA - Troubadour 06-26 San Francisco, CA - The Independent ("Sparks" EP) Chrome Sparks live: May 11 at Bootleg Bar in Los Angeles, CA May 12 at Soda Bar in San Diego, CA May 16 at Larimer Lounge in Denver, CO
Bibio. Hudson Mohawke. Rustie. The Field. Chrome Sparks. Slava. CocoRosie. The RBC. Giraffage. Baths. Lilacs and Champagne. And more...
Thee Oh Sees. Broadcast. Bibio. Barn Owl. Das Racist. Lilacs and Champagne. John Maus. The Decemberists. Zula. Shuggie Otis. And more...
Monday's Mix gets to know Chromatics and Captain Murphy better and the show also features new music from DIIV, Schoolboy Q, and Danny Brown
Wow, what a year! 2013 means that your cooking show is growing up. We’ve changed the name to Eatopia, and we’re looking to discuss more food adventures from all over with the help of some great guest DJs and their friends in the world of eats. In this edition Hanabi visits Seattle and Portland and regales us with his adventures.
Happy New Year! 2013! New year, new beginnings, new things, new life, new love, new mind, etc.