Enjoy some tunes alongside DJ Emily this Tuesday!
The Alt-Country Hour on BTR is ready for you this Sunday! Enjoy some great tunes alongside DJ Emily!
It’s the Alt-Country Hour on BTR!
Tuesday on BTR is packed full of super new tunes.
America loves to party and America loves party snacks. Hanabi always brings the party, and Hanabi always brings the snacks. Yes it’s the snack episode. We’ll be talking all about our favorite snacks and whether they’re any good for us. Scintillating!  Also check out some bleeps and blips by my man Aphex Twin and other savory tracks by Band of Horses and American Analog Set
Another fabulous Tuesday mix on BTR!
Another fabulous Tuesday mix on BTR!
New music from Deer Tick and old music from Deer Tick are a part of today’s mix.
It’s semi-official (it never is until the tickets are purchased) Hanabi is heading back to Japan and making his debut appearance in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur to be exact. So much eating to prepare for! Hanabi is a huge fan of Takoyaki, those doughy little octopus filled balls slathered in that crazy worcestershire sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. In KL Hanabi is going to put back enough Laksa to feed an entire village! Like I said, so much food. Hanabi will report in full on this adventure. You can bet on it! In the meantime Insane Dane drops a delicious curried mussel dish over on the Dish + Drink blog.
Tuesday is packed with 90-minutes of MUSIC!
A music mix for Memorial Day – enjoy the holiday!
Enjoy some Sunday tunes here on the Alt-Country Hour on BTR!
DJ Hanabi’s Eatopia – The Kiwi Edition
The Alt-Country Hour on BTR!
Yeah, I totally used a buzz word to talk about food just now. I might even say paradigm at some point. Sue me! Anyway, we figured it’s an interesting time in the world of food. Collectively we have so many options beyond the typical brick and mortar restaurant and grocery store experience. Even just 10 years ago, the idea of choosing to eat from a food truck, let alone many different food trucks just wasn’t something you did. But, now look at us. The phrase “food truck pod” or, a gathering of delicious food trucks is a real thing. The increasing ability to get farm to table ingredients delivered to you by an online service is expanding, as is the availability of healthy, high quality ready-made and pre-portioned food delivery services. These truly are fast times we’re living in.
It’s Marijuana Week on BTR! On today’s Third Eye Weekly, we feature our special segment on transparency in private prisons. Activists Chris Petrella and Alex Friedmann join us to talk about their campaign to bring the Private Prison Information Act back to the floor of the House. And later, Mark Miller of High Times magazine joins us to talk about the future of legalization and what business models for recreational use could look like.