This week on Discovery Corner I'm featuring Austin, TX's Balmorhea. They are a "minimalist instrumental" band, though according to the band they just play "music." Their songs are dramatic and powerful and they should definitely be used as the soundtrack for a "tour de force" film. The last record they released was Stranger in 2012 so when I spoke to Michael Muller and Rob Lowe of the band, they were decompressing from months and months of touring and promoting. We spoke about which one in the band is the "tech guy", what Austin is like this time of year and the cognitive process of creation. Get learned! Playlist 00:00 DJ Jordan Intro 02:28 Masollan- Balmorhea 07:35 Fake Fealty- Balmorhea 12:03 DJ Jordan Mic Break 12:23 Interview with Michael Muller and Rob Lowe of Balmorhea 34:29 DJ Jordan Mic Break 36:06 Dived- Balmorhea 39:32 Pyrakantha- Balmorhea 45:48 Pilgrim- Balmorhea 52:30 Finish Upcoming Tour Dates No upcoming tour dates