Bad Banana
It's a veritable SUMMER BUMMER this week-- hitting a lot of dour low notes and contemplative spaces courtesy of greats like THE DEAD C, THE WHINES, and JOHN DAVIS! But of course, there's a few poppy highs in the mix to balance things out a bit. So just give it a chance!
W/U INTERNERDS! U ready for these great new bands? Maybe you've heard of 'em? Probably not, lamer. Get a life. smdh.
Hot times this week! It's another rocker! Featuring hit records from the likes of: Dicktations, Company Calls, Heavens to Betsy, Darlingchemicalia, and more more more!!
Well, today's show is a rare solo effort by the Jayman. So, if you are a fan of Jason in particular (and let's face it, SOME of you MUST be, right? RIGHT??!!), then you're in for a treat. There's a new Album Of The Month, AND a new Classic Album, so it's going to be excitement from start to finish. Probably.. We're 100% raring to go though! Are you? Hey, Whaddaya Say? Let's Radio!
It's Oktoberfest on BTR's Roadside Assistance, presented by United Airlines! Listen as 8 different BTR DJs present 8 different interpretations on what kind of soundtrack goes best with steins, suds and sausages. Take it with ye wherever ye are bound!
"That's hot." - Paris Hilton's statement about last week's episode of Overnight Sensation. What will she say this week? Tune in to find out!