Let's do it BIG!!! This week's show is featuring tracks from Helena Hauff, Mr. Oizo, Ceephax Acid Crew and always more of that wackiness you love! OK, glitch//idm show!!!
Damn, this is a great show! Ok, so this week the good vibes are abound/// There should be enough of the goofy stuff for the nerds, nerdy stuff for the goofs, and jams for the heads. So come along and get weird as hell... This is the glitch//idm show :) :-:ed:-:
This. Is. It! Sometimes you just have to let the rain fall as it may...and sometimes it can be beautiful. This week on the glitch/idm show we are bringing another super melodic, super nerdy rainy-day edition. Something you can put on, grab some snacks and just be a turd all day (but a well cultured turd) listening to. Come along, and let's get into it!!! this is the glitch.idm show -ed
Welcome to voice of the voiceless! This week's show is all about going BIG and subtle. So invest an hour and let your mind take you where ever it wants to go... This is the glitch.idm show/////
Big, BIG show this week! Ok, so on this edition of the Glitch/IDM show we are bringing out the bass-heavy, swamp tunes. Other than that, we'll talk about lone travels and distant lands... So let's do this!!! |.ed.|
Hey! OK, so while I tear apart my house and get ready to move, I have figured out a way for all of you to share this experience with me... Basically it comes down to you zoning out on this week's show and using your Imaginations! So come along and prep your favorite sitting spot.