Atom tm
We're back again with another weird episode! We're featuring new tracks from Nathan Fake, Daisuke Tanabe, Autechre and a bunch more!!! So let's get it in; this is the glitch//idm show!
Another ridiculous, outlandish, and obsurd show; with tracks from Atom tm, Valance Drakes, Jon Hopkins and always more, more, more! So let's get into the glitch right here...
Damn, this is a great show! Ok, so this week the good vibes are abound/// There should be enough of the goofy stuff for the nerds, nerdy stuff for the goofs, and jams for the heads. So come along and get weird as hell... This is the glitch//idm show :) :-:ed:-:
Cool show this week! This is one of those ones that makes you feel like you should be surfing and chillin' with your bros and broettes till dawn. So come get these icy summer vibes/// Glitch:::Idm `_ed_`
Back in town. again. This week is the beginning of my holiday-long stint in Pittsburgh, PA. And so to honor my home town, I have selected and group of weird, dark, yet surprisingly happy tracks! So let's get into it!!!
Yeah! I'm really feeling the show this week. Not that I don't always feel it, but this one is pretty dope. All I can say is you need to maybe shut off life for a minute and go somewhere with nice speakers, hit "play" and melt. Glitch/DM////////////// -ed-