And here it is!!! This week's show features tracks from Richard Devine, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Astrobotnia and always more! So let's get it... this is the glitch//idm show!!!
Here we go! This week we are featuring new tracks from Jon Hopkins, Valance Drakes, Zandersauti and always more! So keep it locked-in and ready, this is the glitch//idm show!!!
Come along, come along! This week's show is a little weird and dark, but in a pretty cool way/ I think you'll dig it, all the songs seem to melt into eachother... Other than that, I'm getting ready for a little road trip. So fill up the tank, load up on cupcakes and energy drinks, and let's do this! }glitch.idm{ -ed-
Here we go! Ok, so this week we are leaning more towards the IDM, melodic, yet dark side of things... So get ready for an hour of crunchy, synthy, organic goodness. one love. Glitch/DM
Hi! Welcome to the Glitch/IDM radio show on We put together a wonderful show for you today, so please absorb and love what you hear. That would make us very happy and feel like we are doing our jobs. I hope you can feel some amazing feelings over the next hour, and I know you will.
Glitch/IDM show makin’ it rain this week. The whole show is dedicated to staying inside, finding things to do and just chillin’. So get super creative! Cause you might need it.