If Fall's got you feeling a kind of way, it's ok. We got you on this one! Weird tracks from Prefuse 73, Lapalux, Venetian Snares and always a ton more. So let's get all glitched up together///
What's up my freezing friends! It's nearly winter over here, yet we decided to pull a fine group of warm tunes just for you. Other than that, it's just life bro. So let's go!!!
Yo, Yo, Yo! Ok, so this week there is a heavy focus on old school analog synths. You know, the modular kind with the wires everwhere, the big keyboard style ones with all the cool knobs, the stuff we see on ebay that you were bidding on until it suddenly jumps up $2000 in the last second... Yeah that kind of stuff. So get your space hat on, this is the Glitch/DM show_----___----_-___-- -ed-
Lazy, rainy Sunday show. Just what you were looking for? I hope you guys will love the show this week, cause I am really pumped about it (but in a totally relaxed way). So come along! fall into a sea of warmth and sun drips.
Pumpin' out the tunage this week! Keeping on track with last week's show, we are going to pound out some heavy IDM action on this one. So if you love some ballsy beats and angelic melodies, this hour's for you! Kick back, and get your head-nodding muscles warmed up. This is Glitch/IDM.
Feeling the heat this week! This show reminds me of cookouts and summer vacations. As in every show we will attempt to inspire and at the very least, crawl into your brain and plant the seed. So crab a can of orange or grape soda, break out the slip-n-slide and turn up the tunes!!!