Arovane & Phonem
Let's get ready for another awesome show this week! Featuring new tracks from Ziúr, Asta Hiroki, Bermuda Hay and tons more! Right here on the glitch//idm show!!!
Y'all ready for IDM madness!!! This week's show featuring tracks from Jega, Ceephax, Datach'i and a ton more// So tune out with us, right here on the glitch//idm show!
After a few weeks of chilled-out tunes we decided to bring it back up! I have also decided I'm going to stop allowing the weather to dictate the mood on here (for this week at least:). So in honor of that, we bring you a BIG one/// Turn it up, and feel the tectonic shift. this is the glitch/idm show=--=-===-=-=^--= |ed|
Here We Go! First show of 2014, and my last show out of Pittsburgh before I go back to Nashville... I'm a big believer that while many other people see the beginning of the year as a time to really push and start new things, I think it's best to use this time to relax and reflect. Getting ready for what is about to come, mentally and emotionally. So this show is a little deeper and for your mind's many processes and renewalisms. -glitch/idm-
Awesomeness is going to happen this week! I feel really good about this show; it wasn't super planned out beforehand, and the tracks are kind of all-over-the-place... but it works somehow? So get into the glitch! one love. -ed-