Your Tuesday mix on BTR!
Your Tuesday mix on BTR!
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What do you think of when you think of fashion ads? Uber-skinny women draped across couches, wearing fabulous clothes and looking some degree of depressed/disturbed? Possibly... but there's a lot more to it nowadays than that. And this week's guest is the perfect person to talk about how fashion editorial has influenced fashion advertising. Mary O'Regan is the new Senior Feature Writer for Nordstrom's, and the funny, insightful, stylish voice behind Art of Wore. I first spoke with Mary in December, when we reviewed fashion trends of 2011, and looked ahead to 2012. At the time, Mary was just about to leave her position in Minneapolis as Senior Editor for METRO magazine, for Seattle, to begin her new adventures with everyone's favorite department store. This week, I got a chance to catch up with Mary about her new gig, style in Seattle, and fashion advertising. Join us as we discuss the over-grunged grunge of Marc Jacobs, the polished edge of Alexander Wang, the marketing genius of Lanvin, the classless publicity stunt of violence in advertising, Mary's fall fashion favorites, and more. Plus, new music from Scandinavian psych pop artist Sandra Kolstad, UK's Cave Painting, San Francisco's Two Gallants (think Lucinda Williams meets White Stripes), and more. Fridays just keep getting better & better, here on BTR!
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