Arctic Monkeys
There’s nothing like nudity and good tunes to really get you in the mood.
It’s going to be a busy fall season filled with bands like The Dead Milkmen, Mitski, The Dodos and The Damned.
I’m proud of Hanabi for finding a really cool little food stand in Seattle. Kedai Makan is street food vendor serving up Malaysian classics such as Nasi Goreng and Nasi Lemak. The fact that it’s street food only lends to it’s authenticity as that’s what you’ll find readily available throughout Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia share a lot of common threads in terms of influences and culinary tradition, yet they each still have their own stories to tell. Influenced heavily by Muslim tradition and cuisine, Indian cuisine and of course a wide variety of colonial European traditions as well, Malaysian food does it all, and it does so brilliantly. Although not anywhere near as popular as Chinese or Thai food in America, if you have the opportunity to try Malaysian food, do it! Roti with a simple curry sauce for dipping, what else do you need? If you don’t have access to a Malaysian restaurant or you’re not planning to head off to KP anytime soon, then just listen to Hanabi wax poetic about Kedai Makan. Hanabi also discussed Wanderlust IPA and Space Dust IPA I wanted to contribute a recipe this week. It’s breakfast, which tends to be my jam (get it?). If you love cheating at a recipe, then this is absolutely for you. It’s totally cheating. It’s essentially a caramelized peach pancake baked in a cast-iron skillet. It’s something like a cake, a Dutch Baby and a biscuit. All I know is that it’s awesome and if you’re entertaining an overnight guest, you will look the money.
So this week we thought we should drop some real talk about the language that food producers use to either reel us in or to de-emphasize some of the gross things they’re putting in our food.
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